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The big new kit on the block - OREA Big Boy, a brand new brewer from OREA that brings a lot of what people love in our smaller brewers to much bigger volumes of coffee.

Available in Matte Black, get the big boy filter here!

From Orea:

When we were making the Big Boy Brewer we tested a lot of "batch brewer" papers and did not find any that we quite liked. Usually they are very thin and slow - forcing you to grind super coarse to have any reasonable performance. At the same time, we were in the process of developing our own wave-shaped paper for the OREA Brewer V3 with some fantastic results. We decided to scale up this paper and make it available for the Big Boy too - which is great news for all. 

Thick, but porous

The paper construction is quite thick but also porous, which helps improve performance compared to other basket batch filters. The size is quite unique to the Big Boy brewer, with its 8cm flat bottom. 

Clean results, without papery taste

In the cup, you will have superior clarity but no papery taste - which was very important for us. A high quality paper stock from Japan provides the basis for the superior results of this paper compared to other options on the market.

Plug & play 

We know we have a lot of filter options for our brewers, including the flat papers and Negotiator system - but we want to provide plug and play simple options too. The wave paper for the Big Boy is the simplest filter method allowing you to just grab one, throw it in, and start brewing. If you want to expand and test many paper styles - for faster or higher extraction brews, we've got your back too with the Negotiator system. If you just want something simple, then this wave paper is for you. 

Fast but not the fastest option

This paper is fast, but not the fastest option we have for this brewer. If you want to brew quicker and grind finer, we recommend using the Negotiator and the Sibarist FAST Flat papers. 

Orea - Big Boy Filter

Orea - Big Boy Filter

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