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 Light - Durable - Fast Flow - V3 MK 2 is here. Only Matte Black and only 1 size.

From Orea:

The OREA Brewer V3 has become quite iconic - with its unique patented ring design that covers the whole bed while keeping it perfectly flat. The V3 was always loved for its consistency, fast flow rate and unique cup profile. But in true OREA style - we did not stop there, always searching for simple ways to improve this much-loved brewer.

We tested a lot of different design changes to improve performance without sacrificing what we love about the V3. The best improvement we found came from adding 32 small teeth around the bed of the brewer. These teeth open up 32 little pockets of air that relieve pressure all around the coffee bed and give water some tiny escape paths around the bed (at this point, the water has already gone through the coffee and extracted). The teeth allow us to keep the bed totally flat, which was very important to us - and it helps maintain the unique flavour profile of the V3 in the process. 

While switching manufacturers, we decided to also change the material of the V3. For this unit (and other new units like the Big Boy) we went for a high-impact Polypropylene that is BPA-free and FDA and EU approved for food safety. It is similar in weight and feeling as our original Trogamid material - giving a light, compliant, but durable brewer. Throw it in your bag - drop it on the floor and don't be afraid to brew on the edge of a cliff - this brewer has your back. 

Ideal Brewing Range 12g - 28g (200ml to 460ml) [6.8oz to 15.6oz]
Brewing quantity For 1-2 people
Compatible Negotiator V3 Negotiator (the classic negotiator) 
Compatible Paper Filters OREA Wave size 185 (you can use Kalita 155/185 as well), F70, April

With Negotiator tool 
Sibarist x OREA FAST Flat filter
OREA Type "G" Flat paper (185 - Large)
OREA Type "C" Flat paper (185 - Large)
Material FDA & EU Approved
Polypropylene (BPA-Free)
Manufacturing information Made in Indonesia 


Orea Brewer - V3 MK 2- Large (185)

Orea Brewer - V3 MK 2- Large (185)

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