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To be used with Orea V3 and Orea Glass Brewer - only available in matte black

From Orea:

The Negotiator is essentially a model of the inside geometry of our brewers. You can use these tools to fit different types of filters inside the brewer, perfectly respecting the inner geometry. It helps you experience a different way to brew with the OREA Brewer using a lower bypass filter fit to reach higher extractions and explore a different brew method within the same brewing system. This device works together with flat circular papers, like the OREA flat paper Type "G" & Type "C", or Sibarist FAST flat filter (OREA special edition).

By "negotiating" the paper to fit perfectly in the brewer you ensure that more water is able to travel directly downwards through the coffee bed and not around it. This leads to more consistency and better extractions. It's not just a matter of higher extractions, rather higher quality extractions. By using this method, you also open up the bed more, using more space and opening up more space in the brewer compared to the wave filters. All of this contributes to a unique profile that people love.

This negotiator is designed to work with the OREA V3 (small & large), V3 MK2, and the Glass Series OPEN Brewer. It is also backwards compatible with the OREA V2 (for those that own one).


Orea - Negotiator Tool for V3 & Glass Brewer

Orea - Negotiator Tool for V3 & Glass Brewer

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