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From Orea:

Designed to pair delightfully with the Orea brewer, with plenty of space to swirl your coffee and enjoy enhanced aromatics. There are plenty of carafes out there, but this one is specifically designed to enhance the sensory experience of enjoying specialty coffee. From touch, to sight, to smell - there's nothing quite like it!

Handcrafted from lab-grade Borosilicate glass. The total carafe capacity is 400ml, but we recommend filling with up to 300ml for an optimal experience. This way, you leave plenty of room to have cool areas to touch and better serving usability at lower weights. We would classify this as a "one cup" carafe, or two small cups.

108mm (height) / 108mm (width) / 77mm (mouth diameter)
Capacity: 400ml to the neck, but we recommend filling it with maximum 300ml of coffee

Made in Indonesia

Orea - Sense Carafe 400mL

Orea - Sense Carafe 400mL

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