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Designed to pair delightfully with the Orea brewer further enhancing perception of aromatics, brightness, and sweetness. The Sense Glass adopts the shape of the original Sense Cup, in a luxurious glass body. A real feeling of lightness and quality are present in this delicate glass made for enjoying the most special coffees. With a generous capacity of 275ml, this glass is perfect for brewing directly into, or pairing with a carafe for small sips. 

- 175 mL filled to the start of the neck - 65mm (height) x 80mm (mouth diameter) x 70mm (width)
- 275 ml filled to start of the the neck - 80mm (height) x 80mm (mouth diameter) x 88mm (width)

Made in Indonesia

Orea - Sense Glass

Orea - Sense Glass

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