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The big new jug on the block - OREA Sense Jug! 

Sophisticated and intentional design
Designed to pair delightfully with the OREA brewers, including the Big Boy Brewer with plenty of space to swirl the coffee and enjoy enhanced aromatics. There are plenty of carafes out there, but this one is specifically designed to enhance the sensory experience of enjoying specialty coffee.

Handcrafted from lab-grade Borosilicate glass. The total carafe capacity is 900ml and comes with a handle - so it's easy to hold and pour bigger quantities.

For 2 or more servings
The Sense Jug is designed for bigger brews and to pair with our bigger brewers. You can, of course, use it for small brews too. If you tend to brew smaller amounts only, we recommend the Sense Carafe, 300-400ml.

A lot of volume for something that feels tidy
We are surprised how much volume we could fit in a form that does not feel very big. Normally designers make big capacity jugs by making the shape wider - which makes them feel very bulky and big. We found a great balance of width and height to really be space-efficient with volume - you'll be surprised how tidy but spacious it is.

The Sense Jug is handcrafted by skilled craftspeople from high quality materials. You can expect the same high standard as our Sense Carafe and Sense Glasses.

A sensory big carafe
We wanted to specifically focus on the sensory experience with this product. Every design decision was made with sensory exploration in mind, pairing incredibly well with the rest of the Sense collection. The sensory experience is often overlooked, but we think it's an extremely important part of the specialty coffee experience. This jug is thin rather than wide, with a narrow neck like our Sense Carafe - this helps with trapping and collecting aroma in the jug - even as you brew bigger quantities. You also have room to swirl and smell - we absolutely love it.

Experience aroma like never before
There are a lot of big carafes out there, but none that really bring aroma to a central point quite like the Sense Jug. Paired with the OREA brewer and the resulting clarity in the brew, this jug turns the aromatic experience up a notch (or two).

Sizing details
Capacity: 900ml to the neck - you can brew all the way up as we have a handle to grab, hold, and move the jug around.

Orea - Sense Jug - 900 mL

Orea - Sense Jug - 900 mL

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