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The ORIGAMI Flavour Bowl

A new stone-like material, "Liston," which has the strength to withstand commercial usage, is coated with a Japanese-style glaze and is now available as part of a matching tea collection.

By showing the original earthen color of the material, it creates a more craft-like feel to the piece and inspires a feeling of warmth that is a bit different from porcelain.

It is also suitable for coffee and cappuccinos. We found that the angled lip enhances the acidity of the cup and the high surface area allows for coffee to cool down faster to drinking temperature.

Size: Φ83 × 60H 200ml
Material: Liston / Made in Gifu, Japan


Cloud white (Kumoi) - stone texture

Dawn Black ( Akatsuki) - stone texture

Sunset Red (Banshyo) and Pine Green (Matsukaze)




ORIGAMI - Pinot Flavour Bowl

ORIGAMI - Pinot Flavour Bowl

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