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** Holder sold separately ** CLICK HERE (better fit on the plastic holder)


Origami Tea Dripper

A transparent tea dripper that is extracted by hand drip, which was developed by utilizing the know-how and experience accumulated in the development of coffee drippers.

Unlike the conventional immersion type, the extraction can be changed at the speed of pouring hot water, so you can freely extract tea according to the mood and taste of the day, such as a refreshing and refreshing taste and a solid and thick taste.

Size:Φ115×H57 mm Bottom hole Φ45 mm
Material: Porcelain

- Can be used with coffee using flat bottom filters, and usually produce a sweet and clean with big body style of cup. Fits Kalita 155 and 185 size, and Sibarist flat bottom paper.

-Please be sure to read before purchasing-
Characteristics of ceramics and products

* Dripper ONLY - DOES NOT COME WITH holder. There is only one size for the dripper. It can also be used with Coffee brewing.

ORIGAMI - Tea Dripper

ORIGAMI - Tea Dripper

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