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The FAST DISC 63 is a circular 63mm coffee filter made using the SIBARIST FAST Specialty Coffee Filter technology suitable for Immersion & press coffee maker and Moka pots.

The FAST technology provides high permeability filtration offering greater flow and fast extraction. The main upgrade is the full control over the flow when pressing, this encourages you to explore new recipes and grind profiles (ultra fine) which have been limited until now, offering high extractions and full bodied but clean cups at the same time, with the characteristic FAST technology's silky mouthfeel.

The FAST DISC can be also used with a  Moka Pot (3-6 cups) to provide cleaner cups free from sediment, with improved coffee puck yield, even extractions, better flow and higher extractions with similar grind profiles.

The package only includes the filters.

We are an official distributor of Sibarist in Canada.

SIBARIST - FAST DISC 63 | for Aeropress and Moka Pot

SIBARIST - FAST DISC 63 | for Aeropress and Moka Pot

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