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The FAST ORIGAMI Special Edition is a filter designed to provide the best brewing experience and geometry to fit perfectly with the Origami S dripper.

This filter provides higher drawdown speeds and higher extractions than the standard filter and much higher than other regular filters. It can be used by folding it like a regular FLAT Sibarist filter to provide low contact surfaces with the dripper and very fast drawdowns or shape the filter with a 2nd origami to block air channels and reach higher extractions with the original Origami and Trunk flatbed no bypass concept.

The amazing Origami and Trunk team have been involved in the development, providing guidelines and feedback until the perfect filter was that met their approval.

100% organic paper
Manufactured in Barcelona

How to use (last 3 photos)

The Origami special edition filters are packaged in a flat stack with pre-folded creases for users to fold.

1. Fold the 4 edges of the filter following only the 8 deeper indentation marks on the paper, the 4 contour notches indicates these marks. It is not necessary to keep the flat bottom shape of the filter; you just need to go over the folds.

2. Place the filter on top of the dripper and press the central part of the paper downwards.

3. Rinse the filter, starting from the centre and moving towards the outer edge by pouring hot water in a circular motion. Make sure that the entire surface of the filter is stuck to the walls of the dripper, without leaving any air channels between the filter and the filter holder.

The image shows how the filter should look before starting the infusion.

Now you choose:

(A) Just brew. If you want to minimize the contact surface between the filter and the dripper and a more continuous brewing volume


(B) Shape the filter. Use a 2nd Origami dripper as a “negotiator” and increase the filter contact surfaces and reduce the air circulation.


To use a 2nd origami to shape the filter and increase the contact surfaces follow the indications below.

1. Take a 2nd origami dripper (same size as the used with the filter) and place it gently inside the 1rst dripper with the filter proper placed and rinsed.

IMPORTANT: Do not press the dripper down to avoid any filter scratch or braking.

2. Remove the 2nd dripper.

3. The filter is ready for brewing.

We are an official distributor of Sibarist and Origami in Canada.

SIBARIST - ORIGAMI Special Edition | FAST Paper Filter

SIBARIST - ORIGAMI Special Edition | FAST Paper Filter

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