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Steadfast is a coffee brewer that aims to give you stable and consistent brewing results. It is designed to allow you to make the type of coffee you want brew after brew - the type of cup you "intend" to brew. With 32 ridges that get thicker as they go downward, the brewer pulls the water through faster than gravity alone could. The material is also Eco-friendly and will last you a lifetime.  The leather sleeve is magnetic, easy to detach and clean.

About the Leather: The leather is not coated. It is a solid material that dries easily even when wet. The more you use it the darker and more glossy it becomes. This is similar to how patina develops on a wallet or hand bag over time. Due to the natural leather, there may be scratches, wrinkles, and spots on the surface. It is a feature and not a defect in manufacturing process. You can use the brewer without the leather but be careful, it will be very hot. The leather sleeve also helps with heat retention.

Paper to use with: Kalita 102 / #2 fan shape paper, or Kalita 103 / #4 fan shape paper

Material: SUS304 stainless steel and real leather.
Size: 11.4cm x 8 cm x 11 cm
Capcity: 1-3 serving of 150mL coffee
Made in South Korea



Steadfast - Coffee Brewer

Steadfast - Coffee Brewer

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