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Building on Timemore's BASIC line of scales, the Black Mirror BASIC 2 retains accuracy and responsiveness, a physical power switch, textured buttons, and weight-detecting auto-timer, and adds the ability to switch between grams and ounces and flow rate monitoring, giving you more feedback, and control over brewing.

Timemore Black Mirror Basic 2 scale is a high precision scale with accuracy of 0.1g. Minimum 0.5g and max of 2KG. It has a timer that goes up to 59:59min. Comes with high temperature insulation pad and waterproof matte surface for easy cleaning and prevent marking and scratching. Please use the silicon pad when brewing coffee. There is also a auto timer function.

Rechargeable with 1600 mah lithium-ion battery that last for days... or you know.. 10 hours long brew session day. Come with a USB type C fast charging port.

This is the evolved line of Basic +

Please read the instruction before first use.


Timemore - Black Mirror Basic 2 Coffee Scale

Timemore - Black Mirror Basic 2 Coffee Scale

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