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The Ultrakoki Dual Weighing Scale is packed with innovation and automation. It was used by 2019 and 2022 World Brewer Cup Champions.


- Real-time display of the most important parameters of brewed coffee-ground to water ratio and ground to coffee liquid ratio
- Real-time display of pour water and coffee output
- Interactive learning operation mode to guide beginners to make a cup of coffee step by step
- Automatic pour water start and stop after removing the dripper, so that the barista is no longer busy
- With curve comparison function, you can easily compare the relationship between coffee flavor and brewing process
- Unique bypass function that can help you make better bypass brewing
- Optional thermometer can be added to measure the real-time temperature change of coffee grinder in the dripper
- Compatible with TDS readings to calculate the extraction rate of brewing and the drop point of the gold cup
- Single scale with powerful functions
- Android and Apple app to keep record and track your brew including real time data


Dimension : 130mm(L), 195mm (W), 210mm (H)

Weight : 1kg

Weighing Range : 0 to 1kg (upper scale), 0 to 2kg (lower scale)

Accuracy Range
0-200g: 0.1g
200-500g: 0.5g
500-2000g: 1.0g

Measuring Units: Ounces and grams

Display: OLED

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

Operating Temperature: 5°C-35°C

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Whats in the Box : Coffee scale frame, Coffee scale main unit, Operation manual ,Micro-USB charging 1m cable

Ultrakoki - Dual Weighing Scale

Ultrakoki - Dual Weighing Scale

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