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Available in : Rainbow, Black, Rose Gold, and Gold

Item in this listing is sold in a box of 6 spoons.

For single spoons please visit here

There's a new kid on the block! Meet the Mini Dipper, Umeshiso's first demitasse spoon. These spoons may be little but they have a lot of heart!

The 4.25" Mini Dipper is perfect for stirring espresso and tea, portioning sugar and seasonings, stirring the bloom of a pourover, really anything you can do with a tiny spoon.

The Mini Dipper is made of culinary stainless steel and the finish is achieved with titanium anodization.

The spoons are completely dishwasher safe. The finish will not come off.

If you'd like to take extra special care, you can wash the spoons by hand to prevent the micro surface scratches that occur when any kind of silverware is crowded alongside other utensils. Totally up to you! The spoons are completely safe either way.


Umeshiso a one-person operation with a lot of projects, so at times I may not be able ship orders the exact day planned. If you have any questions at all about shipping times, please don't hesitate to reach out! Please email me at umeko [!at]


All image used with permission from Umeshiso

Umeshiso - Mini Spoon - Box of 6

Umeshiso - Mini Spoon - Box of 6

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