Origin: Panama - Savage Coffee - Anthem Gesha

Origin: Panama - Savage Coffee - Anthem Gesha

UPDATED: June 28 with recipes


Hi everyone, It's Ply here. I can say for everyone at Rogue Wave that we are so excited to roast this coffee for you. I first tasted coffee produced by Jamison Savage at a cupping session with my good friend Cole, the 2 time Canadian Barista Champ, 2 time World Barista Finalist, and owner of Forward Coffee. During that cupping session earlier this year, I was exposed to many of Jamison Savage's beans. I was thoroughly surprised by how many amazing coffees could be the result of one producer and his team. All of his coffees were vibrant with shining acidity, round sweetness, had an interesting harmony of flavour notes, and were... simply exciting. We decided to book this coffee even before the harvest season ended.

Savage Coffee:

Savage Coffee is a project started by Jamison Savage in Panama. Jamison is a well-known figure due to the reputation of his farms Finca Deborah and Morgan Estate. His coffees have been used in and have won many prestigious world wide coffee competitions.


Savage Coffee is a project that allows Jamison to utilize his processing method in neighboring farms to make great coffee even better. The goal of this project is to push coffee quality through processing, yet maintain pricing at a more affordable rate than Finca Deborah or Morgan Estate. Some of the processes being done at Savage Coffees are extended cool fermentation, chill process, carbonic maceration, traditional extended natural, and traditional washed.


Anthem Gesha:

Origin: Panama
Region: Volcan
Farm: Savage Coffees
Variety: Gesha
Process: Natural
Harvest: Dec 2019-March 2020
Altitude: 1600-1900 MASL

The gesha coffee of Anthem was selected by Jamison from quality gesha grown in the Volcan area.

Tasting notes from cupping: Jasmine floral, mango, peach, pineapple, berries, honey, creamy cocoa, and a sweet long finish.

Special Gift: This year's harvest season came 2 months early due to climate changes.  This affected some of the coffee growth in regions of Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras. For those that order our Anthem Gesha, we are giving you 40-50g of Anthem Gesha from the 2019 Harvest. This gift is in collaboration with our good friend and importer Forward Coffee. We would like you to experience coffee that was processed the same way, using similar high quality Gesha, but from an earlier harvest. We purposefully did not put any tasting notes on the 2019 Harvest so that you can blindly compare the difference in taste. Please enjoy them.


Brewing With Ply: I will be brewing this coffee on Instagram Live - Sunday the 28th 10 AM MDT. After the Instagram Live session, I will then be updating this post with a few recipes. :).

Recipe 1: Goal = balance acidity, good sweetness, and good cup hot and cold
for Origami, V60, Kono and similar drippers with Kono paper.

Tested with Origami S and standard Kono paper

15g coffee, 250g water 93C, Aquacode 85 PPM.
Grind size - 5.5 on our EK43, approximately 27ish on Commandante.

- 45g bloom for 1 min (do 45s if you would like more acidity)
- @45s add water to 160
- let drain (during live, the water drained at 1:45min)
-@1:45min add up to 250g
- Total brew time ~ 2:45min

Aroma - Tropical punch, hint of jasmine and cocoa powder
Tasting notes: Pineapple and mango acidity, blackberries, raspberries, jasmine floral when warm. Floral changed to lavender when cool. When the coffee cool down, there are also slight fresh banana, bubble gum, and refreshing white wine notes. The finish is long sweet honey and milk chocolate. Medium juicy body.

NOTE: We enjoyed this recipe the most.

Recipe 2: Goal = increase sweetness and body, enhance mouth feel
For Kalita Wave, Torch mountain, Origami with wave paper

15g Coffee, 240g Water @93C, Aquacode 85 PPM
Grind size - 6.1 on our EK43 ~ 29-30 ish on Commandante
Tested with Kalita Wave 185 using Kalita 185 paper

- 45g bloom for 45s
- @45s  add water to 120
~ 1:20 or when there is a bit of water left, add water to 160
~1:40 or when there is a bit of water left, add water to 200
~ 2 min or when there is a bit of water left, add water to 240g
Total brew time - aim for 3 min. When I was brewing this, the Kalita stalled to around 3:30 which is alright for this coffee. 

Aroma - Sweet honey with mix tropical fruit, less floral
Tasting notes: Mango dessert, pineapple, peach, blackberry jam, hint of linger jasmine. Honey and chocolate sweetness and aftertaste.
When cool, you will start to taste more peach, hint of flower nectar, and white wine.
Body: juicy and coating.

This is also a very good cup. I personally thought that this coffee was a little better than the Origami brew when it was hot. However, overall, the Origami is probably a slightly better cup. Still.. I really enjoy this method.

Recipe 3: Goal - increase acidity, floral, and reduce some of the body
For V60, Kinto, and Origami, using Hario V60 tabbed paper.

15g coffee, 260g water, 85 PPM Aquacode, 93C
Grindsize: 6.2 on our EK43 ~ 29-30 ish on the Commandante

Tested with ceramic V60-02 with Hario Tabbed Paper using 2019 Anthem Gesha (this is the gift coffee)

- 45g bloom for 45s
- @45s add water to 180g
- ~1:30min add water to 260g - pour at higher height and then lower the kettle toward the last 30s

NOTE: this recipe was tested on the 2019 Harvest
Aroma: toasted tropical sweetness, roast pineapple
Tasting notes: Ripe mango, mixed berries acidity, hint of banana. Lots of cocoa powder and dark chocolate on this coffee. Floral comes out when its cool down and lean toward yellow flower than white floral. Less complex than the fresher crop. This recipe gives a less body and more clarity to your cup. I think that this recipe will do better with the 2020 harvest.

Thank you for your support and we are thrilled for you to try this coffee.

- Ply

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