The Importance Of Scales

The Importance Of Scales

When it comes to brewing a great cup of coffee, many factors come into play. One important tool for achieving consistency and accuracy in your brewing process is the use of a scale.

A scale gives you a standard baseline for all your brews, and small changes to your standard brewing parameters can result in a better cup of coffee. For example, using a 1:15 ratio of coffee grounds to water (such as 21 grams of coffee and 315 grams of water) can help ensure a consistent taste from cup to cup.

One of the advantages of using a scale is that it can help you troubleshoot any taste problems you may be experiencing. For example, if your coffee is consistently tasting watery or sour, you can adjust your grind settings to increase extraction. Similarly, if your pour over is running slow or the coffee is bitter and lacking in flavour, you can adjust the ratio of coffee to water or change the grind setting.

As you become more experienced with brewing, you may also find that using a scale allows you to experiment and make small changes to your brews, which can lead to new and exciting flavours!

A scale is a valuable tool that can help take the mystery out of brewing a great cup of coffee. It allows for consistency and accuracy, and can help you achieve your desired taste and mouthfeel. So, if you are starting your coffee journey or you are well along the way and want to up your brewing game, consider investing in a scale. If your looking to see what's out there or want to see for yourself in store, click this link here or pop by the shop to see in person!  

Happy brewing!

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