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The product of CAFEC's constant pursuit of making the very best cup of coffee more easily achieved, the Deep 27 adapts the best design elements of their Flower Dripper and Deep Dripper PRO to create an elegant single cup brewer where form and function converge harmoniously.

Featuring deep grooves in the shape of flower petals that extend from the top of the dripper cone to its bottom, with a narrowed angle of 27° to produce a deeper filtration layer, the Deep 27 Dripper is optimized for CAFEC's suggested osmotic flow brew method to bring out the ultimate flavour in your brews.

Carefully developed with meticulous attention to each and every detail, the Deep 27 Dripper and its dedicated Abaca+ filters promote a steady and stable flow so you can enjoy a simplified brewing experience and more richness and sweetness in your cup.

Available in your choice of Clear or Clear Black.



    10 large flower petal shaped vertical grooves provide ideal airflow between cone-shaped filter and dripper, with specially adapted rib height and outlet width ensuring optimal control of flow rate and brewing time.

    Narrowed 27° angle produces a deeper filtration layer with steeper side walls; optimized for simplicity and ease of use.

    Limited surface contact between the filter and ribs of each groove provides improved thermal efficiency and performance.

    Raised pedestal shape keeps the filter higher up so you can brew the ultimate cup directly into your cup.

    Made with Eastman Tritan® copolyester (BPA & BPS free); offering outstanding durability, heat resistance, and transparency.

    Fits CAFEC's Deep 27 Abaca+ filters.

    Easy-grip handle for simplified handling.


    Tritan copolyester.


    1 Cup — ø2.6" x W4.3" x H4.7" x ø0.79" outlet | ø67mm x W110mm x H120mm x ø20mm outlet

    Designed and Made in Japan


Cafec - Deep 27 Flower Dripper

Cafec - Deep 27 Flower Dripper

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